Will When Calls the Heart Season 11 Happen?

What an exciting journey. On October 15, When Calls the Heart concluded its historic tenth season with a farewell episode meant to tantalize the devoted viewers' appetites.

Although "Starry Nights" left us wondering a lot about Elizabeth and Hope Valley's future, When Calls the Heart Season 11 should provide the answers we need. 

Throughout the last two episodes of season 10, When Calls the Heart significantly increased the drama. 

Lucas (Chris McNally) entered the race for governor in "Long Time Running" in an effort to save Hope Valley.

But when Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) realized she couldn't leave her cherished home to become a politician's wife, that decision cost him the woman he loved.

In the last seconds of episode 11, she broke up with him in a painful scene at the train station. 

In the epilogue, Lucas narrowly defeated the dishonest governor Bixby Balfour on Election Day.

However, he might have been a target after his victory.

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