‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Location Change  

Intriguing cinematography and some of the most gorgeous settings ever seen on a small screen may be found in Yellowstone. 

But when the Paramount Network neo-western returns this autumn, the landscape will appear somewhat differently.  

For season four, creator Taylor Sheridan and his team chose to reshoot several of the scenes. This explains their decision to alter.  

Although Yellowstone is located in Montana, most of the first three seasons were filmed in and around Park City, Utah. 

The Beehive State was the site of about 75% of the production for seasons one through three, according to The Salt Lake City Tribune. Montana accounted for only 25% of the total.  

Yellowstone spent over $80 million and took advantage of tax breaks while filming in Utah. However, when season 3 filming was over, there were whispers circulating that the show was looking to alter.  

According to Marshal Moore, vice president of operations at Utah Film Studios, "we've been hearing that they were canceling all their vendors here in Utah and pulling up stakes and moving completely to Montana." This was said in June 2020.

Just 75% of the production in Yellowstone cost $80 million over three seasons, meaning that the overall cost was likely around $105 million.  

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