Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 10 Trailer Brings Back A TBBT Actor After 16 Years 

The teaser for the tenth episode of Young Sheldon's seventh season shows an actor from The Big Bang Theory making a triumphant return after a sixteen-year absence.   

There are just five episodes remaining in Young Sheldon, thus the tale should be resolving any loose ends. Surprisingly, though,  

the writers are still sneaking in fresh plots, such as what happens to Meemaw once the illegal gambling establishment closes. Even though Young Sheldon could have ended the arc there, he chooses to continue it in the next episode.  

The return of Octavia Spencer to the Chuck Lorre series is showcased in Young Sheldon season 7, episode 10, "Community Service and the Key to a Happy Marriage," as reported by CBS (via TV Promos). View the video beforehand:  

In the seventh season promotional trailer for Young Sheldon, Spencer makes her acting debut as Officer Thomason, Meemaw's new probation officer.   

Meemaw appears to be acting responsibly for a change, aware that her actions could lead to prison time (a fate echoed by Spencer's character) if she disobeys.  

Although Spencer has never appeared in Young Sheldon before, she has been on The Big Bang Theory.   

In 2008's "The Euclid Alternative" (season 2, episode 5), the actor portrayed a DMV inspector who grew increasingly frustrated with Sheldon. Howard and Penny brought their brilliant but socially awkward friend to the workplace for the outing so that Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory could acquire his learner's permit, but he acted out in typical Sheldon way.  

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