Zack Snyder Commentary on James Gunn's DCU Concept  

Even though Zack Snyder's original Netflix series, Army of the Dead, and both parts of Rebel Moon have dominated his career recently, he will always remain many people's favorite DC superhero.   

He also made a feature picture adaptation of Watchmen, which was previously thought to be unadaptable, even before his 2013 Superman film Man of Steel ignited the first organized attempt to have a shared DC Universe on the big screen.   

"You know, I'm pretty open book," Snyder stated in a recent interview regarding the upcoming DCU with CBR.   

I'm on board. See what transpires. I'm a little thrilled. We'll see what that's like when Superman arrives, which is quite soon."  

Naturally, James Gunn, who is also active on the internet, was impressed by Snyder's passion. A fan asked Gunn if he noticed that Snyder had expressed his appreciation for the DCU.  

Surprising similarities exist between Zack Snyder's earlier attempt at creating a DC Universe and James Gunn's future slate of feature films and TV series.  

The fact that both (2016)'s Suicide Squad and the previously announced The Authority planned to adapt DC teams for the big screen, as well as 2017's Wonder Woman and the upcoming Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie, feature intriguing parallels as well.  

It's inevitable that comparisons between the two big-screen DC Universe versions will arise, whether it's about how they relate to one another, which characters get priority, or the general tone of the projects.   

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