Zendaya bares her natural skin texture in a gorgeous makeup-free selfie

Pores are a natural part of the skin that cannot be magically erased, despite the fact that there are many skincare and makeup products on the market that promise

promise to (and actually can!) decrease their appearance. And mine are "huge," just like Regina George's.

It has taken me years, to be honest, to realize that, even though my pores are still enormous, I am not the focus of this story today.

*Selects a chick-lit narrator voice from the early 2000s*. This narrative is actually about Zendaya because, as a celebrity

 I know she would back my unofficially official 'embrace your natural skin texture' campaign.

And "why is that?" You ask, and I hear you. Z has always been comfortable taking makeup-free selfies

as evidenced by her most recent photo, which was posted on her Instagram story less than a day ago and features a close-up of her stunning unmade-up face.

 Well, Z has never been one to shy away from a makeup-free selfie 

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