Zendaya encourages fans not to judge her ‘Challengers’ character before release.

On Friday, April 26, 2024, ‘The Challengers’ will open.  

Zendaya has been advertising her tennis-themed film The Challengers with lavish premieres and behind-the-scenes footage for a month.  

As the film opens in theaters on Friday, April 26, the 27-year-old actress admitted to being scared.  

Zendaya posted candid photos and behind-the-scenes footage from the film on Instagram, imploring fans to be open-minded.  

“This is my first time leading a film in this way so ya girls been nervous but everyones excitement and encouragement has meant the world to me,” she added. 

The Euphoria star expressed her gratitude for working with creative, brilliant, and amusing individuals.   

They hoped viewers would enjoy the film and avoid judging the characters. #teamtashi.  

Zendaya described viewing the film's sensual sequences with her parents at the theater.  

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