Zendaya reveals her natural skin texture in makeup-free selfie

There are many makeup and skincare products that claim to (and can!) reduce pores, 

but they are a natural characteristic of the skin that cannot be miraculously removed. Like Regina George, mine are "huge".

It took me years to understand that my pores are lovely, albeit enormous, but this narrative isn't about me.

[Activates early 2000s chick-lit narrative voice]. Zendaya would support my unofficial 'embrace your natural skin texture' campaign, thus this narrative is about her.

And 'why' I hear you ask. Z has never been hesitant about taking makeup-free selfies, and her latest Instagram story post, posted 24 hours ago, shows her barefaced beauty.

No worldwide HD skin examination, the actor frankly offers the prettiest bed photo of herself, which shows her pores in all their natural glory.

Zendaya may have an exquisitely clear complexion (skip the skincare routine, girl) and access to the latest products,

technology, and skincare developments as a high-profile celebrity. However, her pores are still visible, demonstrating that they are normal like yours and mine. Snaps for Z!

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