Zendaya’s Film ‘Challengers’ Has Put The Actor On The Trending List On Twitter, Here’s Why

Because, up until now, we've mostly seen Zendaya as a teenager and not an adult. And it seems the evident Disney-star-kid curse has not touched her.

You know, the one where Disney kids lose their star quality once they grow up? Yep, that one

It’s not a secret that Zendaya is one of the most successful actors globally. Popularly and regularly referred to as a multi-dimensional artist,

Zendaya is an incredible singer who started her career as a model and is now a celebrated actor.

 It’s almost as if there isn’t much she can do to fall short in her career (okay, now I am fangirling I know).

 But, what we’re here to talk about right now is her most recent project – Challengers.

The actor is currently trending on Twitter along with a lot of other things. However, we believe it's about time we took a closer look at this patient ascent of a successful artist.  

Luca Guadagnino is the director of Challengers, while Zendaya is the producer. The story, which stars Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist among others, centers on Zendaya,  

a former tennis player, who decides to mentor her husband, Mike Faist, into becoming one of the top players in the sport.  

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