Zoologists from New York have verified the cause of death for Flaco the owl.

Found dead on a Manhattan pavement on Friday, Flaco the Eurasian eagle-owl had evaded captivity at the Central Park Zoo more than a year ago. 

The eagle-owl Flaco, a celebrity in New York City, was proven to have died from a traumatic impact by zoologists the day after reports that he had flown into a building.  

Additional tests are scheduled to establish whether the Eurasian owl was ill. 

His citywide fan base is riveted on what transpired in Flaco's last hours; they rallied behind him as he beat all odds by surviving despite his confinement. 

A year after he escaped from the Central Park Zoo's enclosure, the authorities are still on the hunt for his captors.Flaco, who had arrived to the zoo as a juvenile thirteen years ago, had been in excellent physical condition, according to the necropsy, 

and had caught prey despite his lack of hunting expertise. Satisfied with his final resting place, the owl weighed 1.89 kg (4.1 lbs), down 2% from his previous zoo measurement, according to the necropsy report. 

It appears that Flaco struck a building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan; his body was discovered on Friday lying on a sidewalk shortly after. 

Per the study, "the main impact appears to have been to the body," meaning that there was a lot of bleeding under the sternum and in the back of the abdominal cavity surrounding the liver. 

Blame was placed squarely on the person who cut Flaco's enclosure by the Central Park Zoo. However, illnesses are being investigated as potential factors, and an update is expected in around two weeks. 

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