Zoologists in New York confirm Flaco the owl’s death

– Flaco, the Eurasian eagle-owl, found dead on a Manhattan sidewalk, a year after escaping Central Park Zoo. 

– Zoologists confirm Flaco died from traumatic impact, possibly hitting a building; further tests pending.

– Flaco's admirers mourn his passing, reflecting on his resilience in an urban environment. 

– Police are still seeking the culprit who released Flaco from the zoo enclosure a year ago. 

– Necropsy shows Flaco was in good shape, despite lack of hunting experience in captivity. 

– Central Park Zoo blames enclosure cutters; investigating illness as potential factor. 

– Testing planned for toxins and infectious diseases to determine cause of death. 

– Speculation arises about urban threats to wildlife, as Flaco's fans notice his silence before demise. 

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